Saturday, May 23, 2009

Salted Caramel Ice Cream

There's an amazing ice cream parlor in Columbus, OH. They make the most bizarre yet delicious flavors, like Maker's Mark, salted mint white chocolate chip, Thai peanut (spicy with coconut flakes), and salted caramel ice cream. Since M loves the salty-sweet combo, I decided to make some for her to celebrate a recent academic milestone. I used David Lebovitz's recipe, including the praline. Since making caramel can be a bit tricky (you have to be careful to get it dark enough to give it flavor without burning it), I made sure to read all his tips about the process, too.

The results are quite good. It's a very rich ice cream, and it doesn't freeze completely solid because of all the butter. I'd recommend it served on top of apple pie, rather than as a dessert on its own. Also, I'd either break the praline into much smaller pieces, or leave it out altogether (I love me my creamy smooth ice cream). Finally, I might even up the salt just a bit to 3/4 tsp instead of a scant 1/2.

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